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Answers to Frequently asked questions

Q: What kind of services for my car does Express Care by Valvoline™ offer?

Services offered by Express Care can vary by location. They all specialize in preventative maintenance services such as oil changes, filter and wiper replacement, and coolant replacement. Some locations will also offer such services as tire rotation and pressure adjustments, battery checks and replacements, and car wash. Express Care locations typically do not offer repair services for your car. Contact your local Express Care or find services listed on your local store’s website by finding it on the Express Care store locator.

Q: What is included in an oil change?

Services included with an oil change may vary by location, but typically the oil change service will include the following:

  • Replacing oil with quality Valvoline motor oil
  • Changing the oil filter
  • Checking tire pressures
  • Inspecting engine air filter, cabin air filter, and wipers
  • Inspecting headlights and taillights
  • Inspecting and topping off other car fluids
  • Discussing with you any other service indicator alerts that might be displayed on the dashboard.

Q: What type of oil does my car need?

Type of oil needed depends upon the make and model of your vehicle and the manufacturer’s recommendation. Express Care service centers offer a variety of motor oil types that meet manufacturer recommendations.

Q: What is the price for an oil change?

Pricing for an oil change depends on the type of oil you choose, the number of liters required for your vehicle and any discounts or specials that may be available to you. Prices can also vary by location. For specific pricing, please visit or contact your local service center.

Q: Why should I change the radiator fluid?

Deposit buildup can block the flow of antifreeze to your engine, leading to overheating, freezing, rust, corrosion and even breakdown. Replacing antifreeze will help minimize your risk of cooling system (radiator) failure and expensive repairs. Benefits of the service include:

  • Providing additional protection from engine overheating by using advanced detergents to thoroughly clean the radiator
  • Adding sealers to help prevent leaks

Q: What Does the Cabin Air Filter Do?

Cabin Air Filters filter the air you breathe in the passenger cabin area of your car.

Q: Why Should You Have Your Car Tires Rotated?

For a number of reasons, tires on a car can wear unevenly which can lead to poor handling, reduced traction, and reduced braking performance. Rotating your tires can help:

  • Maximize the life of your tires
  • Prolong the tread wear and promote even wear
  • Improve the ride and handling of your car or truck

Q: How Often Should You Have Tire Pressure Checked?

Because the pressure in your tires can easily change due to a number of different factors, it is important to check the pressure regularly. Our skilled technicians can check the pressure and adjust it to the proper levels if needed. Please remember to consult your owner’s manual for any specific recommendations.

Q: What is the Express Care by Valvoline program?

This program is intended to help owners of retail service workshops grow their businesses. In addition to great products, Valvoline offers services and programs that will help you improve your operations, grow your car counts, and deliver a great customer experience that will keep your customers coming back to you. You will have a dedicated advisor who is your own personal business consultant meeting with you regularly to review your business, identify opportunities for growth, and help you track towards your goals.

Q: How can you help me grow my business?

Valvoline offers services and programs that can help address all aspects of your business from the appearance of your workshop to the effectiveness of your operations and team to growing car counts and sales. Our business advisor will act as your own personal consultant to help you regularly assess opportunities for growing your workshop and make sure our programs are working for you.

Q: What do I need to do to start the process of learning more about Express Care by Valvoline program?

That’s simple, just complete and submit the contact form on the ‘Own an Express Care’ page. Once you submit the form, one of our sales assistants will be glad to reach out to you to assist you further and explain the process.